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Bushmeat for Sale Decreases

In 2012, OELO began recording bushmeat for sale at the local market, marché Isaac. In 2013 we expanded our efforts to include the contents of the cooking pots in marketside restaurants.  By the end of 2014, we had recorded over a 65% reduction in bushmeat for sale from protected species and a 70% reduction in overall bushmeat for sale from when we started!  While in 2012, we regularly recorded African manatee bushmeat sold at the market and offered in restaurants, we have not seen it at the market in over a year and we have not recorded it in a restaurant since March of 2014.  Certain protected species like forest elephant and hippo have not been recorded at the market since 2012.  With continued outreach, environmental education, and coordination with local partners we hope to further reduce these figures in 2015.

While almost all species are recorded less frequently at the market, the slender-snouted crocodile is still widely sold.  Even though the slender-snouted crocodile is fully protected by Gabonese law, meaning it can't be legally hunted, eaten, or commercialized, it is still the most frequently recorded bushmeat at the main market in Lambaréné. OELO co-founder Cyrille Mvele has launched a campaign to change this.  Read more here!




Bushmeat observed for sale from fully protected species 2012-2014