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Ecotourism at Tsam Tsam

A community-run ecotourism project at Tsam Tsam creates jobs for local residents while protecting biodiversity and generating income for OELO's conservation initiatives.

See photo gallery of site.

See photo gallery of wildlife at Tsam Tsam.

Activities for visitors at Tsam Tsam are led by the community and include: guided forest hikes, night safaris by boat, canoe trips by dug-out pirogue, village visits, and evenings of traditional music. We cater each trip to the interests and activity level of your group. Please contact us to learn more and book a trip.


A trip to the site begins with an unforgettable two-hour tour down the jungled Ogooué and through the southern chain of lakes. In the dry season you'll pass our resident hippos on the way.
Embark on hikes in the forest with local guides to identify animal signs and learn about local plant uses.  The surrounding forests are home to lowland gorillas, forest elephants, chimpanzees, red river hogs, sitatungas, forest buffalo, red-capped mangabeys and more...
Spotlight tours by boat offer a chance to glimpse noctural lake creatures including slender-snouted crocodiles and vermiculated fishing owls.
Explore Lake Oguemoué and the surrounding flooded forest in locally made dugout canoes.
Enjoy the lake breezes on one of our five platforms at camp.  Each platform overlooks a secluded spot on Lake Oguemoué and is surrounded by forest.
Upon request, we can organize an evening with local musicians who have performed in the region for many generations. They are an extended family that practices the local tradition of Bwiti.
Enjoy traditional meals of Gabonese foods prepared by local women. All fish is purchased locally from fishermen participating in our sustainable fishing initiative. Vegetarian options are offered on request. Dinner is served by lantern light on the lakeshore.
Learn about life in the village in Gabon by visiting the homes of OELO members. Check early morning fishing nets with fishermen or take a tour of a local plantation.