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Community Outreach

To raise awareness about protected species and to change consumer preferences for bushmeat, we work with hunters, vendors, restaurant owners, and Lambaréné area residents.
When we first started our outreach in 2012 on protected species in Lambaréné restaurants, many would not talk to us, let alone allow us to open every cooking pot to do a survey. Now the heads of the main market, Marché Isaac, have pledged to stop serving protected species in their restaurants and most market restaurant owners have displayed the posters pictured above on their walls. While some species, like slender-snouted crocodiles, are still widely sold, we haven't recorded manatee meat for sale in restaurants since March 2014 and at the bushmeat tables in over a year. We're told that recently a hunter trying to sell manatee meat couldn't find a single buyer at the marketside restaurants! We hope this lasts!
In addition to working with hunters, vendors and restuarant owners, OELO has surveyed the largest bushmeat market in Lambaréné and marketside restaurants for three years to monitor changes in bushmeat availalbiliy. For more information, please contact us for a copy of one of our biannual reports.



Over the past 2 1/2 years we have completed over 170 surveys of the bushmeat tables and restaurants at Marché Isaac.  Our suveys have recorded a 73% reduction in bushmeat for sale and a 64% reduction in protected species for sale.  When we started monitoring it was common to find species...